Real Asset Research

by Sarah Rah, Consultant

The Real Asset Research Team

checks deeper for unrevealed problems or unexpected opportunities affecting property assets

  1. What are the area’s market trends?

  2. What restricts or enhances future potential?

  3. Is a project feasible?

  4. Which market niches can be pursued?

  5. Do ownership issues restrict opportunities?

  6. Are there any zoning or code problems?

  7. How can the property or project be financed?

  8. Are there management problems?

  9. What are the environmental issues?

  10. If vacant land, can you build on it?

  11. What is in the title report?

  12. How do you interpret an appraisal report?

Sarah Rah and her team have answered these questions and more on hundreds of residential, commercial, industrial, resort and land development properties in 11 states, along with projects for community organizations.


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